5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances in India

The kitchen is the place where women spend most of their time cooking their favourite dishes for their favourite people. With the constant rush to reach office on time, most of the recipes are prepared in a hurry and time for cooking can be minimised with the use of various kitchen applications available in the market.

5 Must Kitchen Appliances which rule the kitchen and recommended by most people are:

Mixer Grinder

With its multi-functionality, it has been welcomed with a great smile. They are used to make juices with the mixer, grind all types of chutneys and come with a variety of coloured storage jars for mixing and storing them in it. Grinding of the batter is an easy task with the help of a variety of blades used in a mixer grinder. With the use of mixer grinder, it always comes in handy for preparing spice powder and various pastes while cooking food. Mixer grinder still occupies a small portion on the working station of the kitchen for its distinctive use. With the use of mixer grinder, the need of grinder can be avoided. Always choose best mixer grinder 750 watts in India.


A kitchen without an oven is like a kitchen without a knife. The use of oven has increased over some time in making delicacies like cakes, gravies, etc. Baking of cake has become an easy task with the help of the oven. The various modes are available in the oven help in the cooking and heating of food. The operation of the oven is so easy that even kids have started cooking, heating, baking and grilling with it. Most kitchens go hand in hand with the existence of oven nowadays.

Induction Stove

Induction stove is an alternative for gas stoves, and its safe usage makes it needy by everyone. With the use of an induction stove, one can avoid getting burnt, and the utensil can be held with our bare hands due to the conventional technology it uses to heat or cook the food. Occupying a very less space when compared to gas stoves, the use of gas cylinders and its risk factor is completely avoided. Smooth operation and maintenance are the main factors to consider when an induction stove is preferred over gas stoves.


Refrigerator allows the food to stay cool and safe to consume. Milk products, frozen meat, ice creams, juices which are required to be maintained at a lower temperature are stored in a refrigerator for safe consumption. Food can be stored for several days in a refrigerator without being spoilt and simply heating the food makes it ready to eat. Bacterial growth is entirely controlled at lower temperatures in the refrigerator making it healthy to eat even after several days.

Rice cooker

South Indian cuisine is incomplete with rice and cooking of rice has become simpler with the use of rice cooker. With just setting the raw rice with the required amount of water measured with the measuring cups provided, steamy and hot rice can be prepared within minutes. Reheating of the rice is also available with the rice cooker without getting burnt.

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