Different Types of Pressure Cooker You Should Know

Every morning, you prepare food for your family members. There is a need of cooking faster and better for your school going kids or office going husband. In this kind of situation, a pressure cooker can make yourwork much easier and faster for cooking. It is definitely the most beneficial kitchen appliances that will give you the freedom to prepare your food within few minutes without any loss of nutrients. It is not only effective for better preparation of food but it is also very effective to retain the real taste of your food.

If you want to pick a new pressure cooker to add to your kitchen, you should know about all the different types of pressure cookers available for the users:

Material options in pressure cookers:

The pressure cookers are available with different material options including aluminium and stainless steel and aluminium pressure cookers are less expensive and easily available in the market. If you are looking for a pressure cooker in India to handle extreme heat during cooking, the aluminium pressure cooker will not be a good option. In this kind of situation, it will be great to work for stainless steel pressure cookers that can easily handle extreme heat and it will work its price because of its build quality.

First gen pressure cookers:

These traditional pressure cookers were available with weight bearing valve and you will be able to use it in a single pressure mode only. These cookers were used for a long time but it will provide the method usage options and it will also create noise during cooking.

2nd gen pressure cookers:

At the present time, these pressure cookers are used at a large scale where spring loaded valves are used in it. You will also find several pressure options to choose in these kinds of pressure cookers. At the present time, you will find it excellent because of some advanced features.

Electric pressure cookers:

Electric pressure cookers are known as third gen cookers. You will need to use electric energy to provide heat and to create the pressure in the cooker. These cookers are available with lots of automatic options to adjust the pressure and to set the timer. These are three different types of pressure cookers that you can get in the market as per your preferences. There are lots of brands and manufacturers available to offer stove top and electric pressure cookers as per the requirements of customers.

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