Top 4 Best Badminton Racket Brands In India

Badminton is a sport played by anyone; no matter they are children or adults. It is one of the best and most played sports in India. If you also play badminton, you should have the best badminton racket. Most of the players don’t know what to look for when choosing the best badminton racket. We have researched a lot to ensure that you choose the badminton racket from best and leading brands. So, we have listed some of the best brands to rely on.

Most of the branded rackets are made with materials that don’t make noise when playing and that are also lightweight. These are the desirable features by most players. There are still some rackets made for smashing and used by pro players. They weigh up to 89 grams and made of strong material. So, without further wait, let’s check out some of the best badminton racket brands

Li Ning – Li Ning is a well-known and reputed badminton racket brands in India. It offers a huge range of badminton rackets in the online marketplace. You can choose from different rackets with various features so you can pick the best for your game. You can choose from clean swing racket to most powerful one in its range. You can get the best possible performance from Li Ning rackets at the best price.

Yonex – It is one of the best badminton racket brands in the country, offering up to 15 string products across the nation. Yonex strings and rackets are the first choice of many professional players. Hence, it is named as the leading badminton racket brand for pro players. Even though you are a beginner, you should choose products from this brand to ensure buying nothing but the best rackets. Some of the bestsellers from this brand are multifilament, titanium and monofilament strings.

Silver Sports – Silver Sports Pvt. Ltd is yet another professional and popular badminton racket maker which has set a benchmark since 1960s.  They offer a huge range of sports goods, such as squash rackets, badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and others. These products are made of high quality material. They offer a range of badminton rackets which have been the first choice for professionals. They always have the best design of the products and they offer best customer service. Cosco – It is another most reputed and trusted sports brand in the country which was established in the year 1980. It has great reputation and market presence among the customers.

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