Top 5 Best Gas stoves Brands in India

There isn’t a single Kitchen in Indian household that doesn’t have a Gas Stove. It is the heart and soul of the Indian Kitchen. Picking the right gas stove is the difference between a stressed home cook and a happy home cook. A gas stove is a mandatory appliance that has evolved over the years. With the advancement of technology, the use of gas stoves these days have been easier and safer.

Why use a gas stove?

Using a gas stove to prepare your food has various benefits, mainly it saves time and fuel. Gas stoves are designed to cook food quickly and having a stove with four burners will help you make multiple dishes at the same time. This in return saves time. Also consuming food cooked on a stove is a healthier option. It is cheaper than electric and induction cookware.

Top Gas stove Brands in India.


One of the best, classy and quality gas stove available in India under 5,000 rupees in India are from prestige brand. Prestige company is known for its quality and durability in making appliance from ages. Prestige glass top gas stove model with four burners is elegant and has an unbreakable glass top. As prestige modal is made up of stainless steel and glass it long – lasting, further few modal offer pan support for tandoori cooking.


Pigeon brand ends your search for a perfect gas stove, they come in all sizes and varieties. Pigeon gas stove makes a great impression from appearance to its functioning. Since these gas stoves are made of stainless steel, making it tensile enough to last for years. Pigeon features relating to burner makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors.

3. Glen

Glen India offers a great diversity of products on the gas stove and has successfully made a mark among customers. Glen is one of the popular and trusted brands for kitchen appliances. Glen Gt junior glass gas stove is affordable, made of aluminum alloy and withstand heat for a long time.


From the past thirty years, this brand has been offering reliable kitchen appliances at an affordable price, which earned it a title of a best budget gas stove in India, 2018. Sunflame gas stove has a great body that Is not only durable but adds a style to your kitchen.


Elica brand is known of its three burner gas stoves, gas stoves are designed in a way that combines efficiency, classy features and an amazing look, all in one. The Elica product is quite easy to clean and low maintenance. Cooking is not possible without a gas stove, so invest in one that meets your budget and kitchen style.

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